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How to Delete Blogger Account Without Deleting Gmail?

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Blogger is a popular blogging services website. It helps users create blogs, monitor them, and even use them to earn money. One of the reasons behind Blogger’s mammoth success was its acquisition by Google. Since then, it has only gained and added more to its user base.

Blogger is suitable for every kind of person who wishes to own a blog, yet sometimes users look to delete it. It could be because of an unsuccessful run or a shift in mindset. Whatever it be, it is of course possible to do so.

One of the biggest issues with using Blogger is that it in a way links your Gmail ID with the blog. Hence, in such a situation, it might be confusing to go about deleting your blog without risk. The risk might involve shutting down other blogs as well that run on the same ID. It might also result in losing the data of your blogs. To avoid such a confusing situation and scenario, it is rather better to know how to only delete the blog and nothing else. One good thing is that Blogger always provides the option of downloading the blog’s data or backing it up. This way, even if you think in the future to restart and rebuild your blog after some time, you can.


 Steps to Delete Your Blogger Account Without Deleting the Gmail:

  1. Firstly, if you wish to delete the blog on Blogger without compromising your Gmail account, you need to go to the website of Blogger. Once you view it, you will then be able to spot the tab of signing in. If you have a blog already that you wish to delete, you can choose it. This step is important because Blogger gives the option of creating multiple blogs from the same ID. So, carefully choose the one that you do not want.
  2. Once you have done so finally, you will then find this webpage on your screen. On this webpage, you would see all the back-end administration of your blog. As you already have a blog, you might be familiar with this. Notice the tab circled in red, ‘Settings’. This is where you need to click for moving on to the next step.

  1. In the upcoming step, you need to spot the following option that has been marked. As you can see, it is located under the ‘Manage Blog’ option and can be easily spotted. Once you have found it, it is time to think about whether you would like to backup or store your data or delete the blog. It is the right time to backup. Backing up helps in preserving the data of your blog including any articles, media files, etc. If you wish to go ahead anyway, then click on ‘Remove Your Blog’.



  1. After that, the following will appear on your screen. Here, as you can view, there is also an option of downloading your blog. With this, you can protect your data and keep the data for the future. You might need this to start your new blog or shift your data. You will get 90 days (3 months) to decide whether you want to interfere and restore your blog or not.

  1. Next, if it deems fit for you then delete your blog forever. For this, you need to click on ‘the permanently delete’ option that would appear on the next screen. Here, you would also find the option of restoring your entire blog by clicking undelete. Choose wisely.