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How to Delete Blog on Blogger?

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About Blogger:

Blogger has been one of the most famous blogging platforms since it came over the internet. The developers who created Blogger, Pyra Labs, came under Google about a decade ago. Since then, its user base has grown manifold. One of the most astounding features is that as a user, you can hold up to 100 blogs. This has given base to the introduction and success of multi blogging platforms. Its worldwide success is also because of the use of over 25+ languages.


Why Delete Your Blog on Blogger?

Well, it is a fair question. You create your blog with hard work and strive for its growth each day. Most people are also able to monetize their blog, then why delete your blog?

The reasons could be many, but some of them may involve a change of blogging niche, redesigning, etc.

People might also want to delete their blog due to non-availability of time or lack of interest. Whatever the reasons could be, deleting and removing your blog is a decision you need to make. Once you are sure that you want to delete it, you can choose to back up its data or import it as well. If you want to delete it entirely, then you would have to permanently delete it. Let us now have a look at the few steps with which you can delete your blog on Blogger.


Steps to Delete Your Blog on Blogger:  

1.The first step to delete your blog on Blogger is to open this webpage by opening the website of Blogger. Here, you can easily spot the option of signing in. As you already have a blog you will sign in again to open it.

2.Next, this webpage will open. Here you will find the control panel of your blog, posts, and stats. As this is a sample blog, it has no posts. If you want to delete your blog, you need to focus on the options given on the left.

3.Here, you will spot the option of Settings. Click on it.

4.Next, scroll over the many group options to locate the ‘Manage Blog’ option. Kindly note that if you wish to back up your data or import it to some other blog, this is the last chance. People recommend that if you are taking a short break from blogging, it is ideal to back up your posts.

5.If you have made up your mind finally, then without a delay, it is time to click on ‘Remove Your Blog’.

6.Once you click on it, this dialogue box will appear. Click on Delete only if you are sure. Otherwise, you can also download your blog. Remember keenly, that this is certainly not the final step to delete your entire blog permanently. You will have up to 3 months to decide, after which Blogger would delete it.

7.If you wish to delete your blog forever, then locate this on the next webpage. You can either undelete your blog, which would restore it to normal. If you wish to permanently delete it, this is where you would click.

8.Blogger would ask you for a final time that whether you are sure about it. If you are, click on ‘Permanently Delete’. Once you do so, your blog would disappear immediately, and Blogger would delete all your content.