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Starting a Book Blog – Top Tips

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Do you love reading? There must be a book that you found most interesting among the many you have read and wished to share with someone or everyone. Try book blogging.

Book blogging can be the best platform to connect with many book lovers and share better books and critiques. With a book blog, you will also create a book-reading community with like-minded people. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of being around people that understand and reason like you.

Maybe you would love to write a book someday; a book blog will also help you connect with publishers, authors, reviewers, and fellow book bloggers to give you a significant boost for your journey.

Are you ready to start your book blog? Read on.


What Is Your Focus On The Book Blog?

After deciding to start a book blog, you need to establish the direction it will take. You will need to position your blog in a way that will attract massive traffic.

While deciding on the focus, you should ask yourself, what exactly do you hope to achieve? What is your inspiration or reason for starting the book blog? Is your book blog just a hobby or a future career? Will you blog about different areas, or will you specify a genre? Take your time to consider your best approach to avoid blogging about something that will be a challenge to continue.


Decide On a Book Niche

There are different books for various niches. Even as a significant fan of reading books, it is pretty hard to venture into all niches. However, deciding on a niche to blog about should not be complicated but consider your reading passion.

Although passion is crucial, you don’t want to focus on a niche that is not marketable or is packed with lots of other book bloggers, making you less insight. You want a passion-filled niche that is also marketable enough to give you the psych to write frequently and keep your readers engaged. There are fiction and non-fiction niches that have many sub-categories under each.


Select a Suitable Blogging Platform

With the several blogging platforms out there, it can be confusing on the ideal one to choose. It would be best to select a free forum that is also user-friendly to set-up and use for a start. You don’t want an instance where you don’t know where to start blogging after setting up.

While most people will jump at the offer of a free website, you need to be sure it offers what you want against the self-hosted or paid options. Do thorough research on the pros and cons of free platforms vs. self-hosted.

The bottom line is, enjoy your blog. When you start blogging, ensure you have fun every time you spend in it. A book blog, just like any other blog, needs consistency and patience even when it seems complicated to keep going. Remember that results will not immediately show you start blogging and have great content to offer your audience